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3/27/2020 9:19 pm  #1

Online Concerts

Thought this might be a good list to put all the home concerts going on . . .


3/28/2020 1:06 pm  #2

Re: Online Concerts

Well Bogart's just had Homepalooza last night - hopefully they will do more of those.

There is no snooze button on a cat wanting breakfast.

8/12/2020 9:23 am  #3

Re: Online Concerts

 Hello! listening this am, I went to that show @ Timberwolf, great memory. Wolf parade was soooo amazing,they hung around and talked after a great set.
I know you were there when Handsome Furs played the old Southgate house, sigh.   Someday we will be moshing again.
keep the good tunes coming,



8/26/2020 11:09 am  #4

Re: Online Concerts

Hi everyone,

Did anyone catch the virtual 2020 Nelsonville Music Festival this past weekend? I thought it was really well done, and not just because Leggy was one of the bands on the bill
 Hot Tuna was one of the headliners. I love me (more than) some Hot Tuna. In case you are a fan as well, perhaps you are not aware that Jorma is doing a weekly quarantine show every Saturday 8 pm Eastern from his base in southeastern Ohio. Just google Fur Peace Ranch Quarantine Concerts and it'll pop up right away. He started doing this the first Saturday of April. Did I mention it is free? The highlight of the series was last month when Jack (the other half of Hot Tuna) also participated and hence we got 3 weekly shows of acoustic Hot Tuna. The New York Times calls it one of the country's top 10 on-going quarantine shows.  


8/27/2020 11:18 am  #5

Re: Online Concerts

Welcome to Inhailerville, Euro!

I didn't see any of the virtual NMF but heard some good things about it,

There is no snooze button on a cat wanting breakfast.

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