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3/22/2020 6:51 pm  #11

Re: Whatcha watchin?

That would be cool. After last weeks episode it felt weird not to watch people talk about it. It feels unprocessed.


3/22/2020 8:04 pm  #12

Re: Whatcha watchin?

the Madam CJ Walker show on Netflix
catching up on bullshit sitcoms like Superstore, Fresh Off the Boat, etc.

watched a few weird movies at the boyfriend's house over the weekend...nothing worth reporting.


3/22/2020 9:45 pm  #13

Re: Whatcha watchin?

I still have to work, I have only had one off day since xmas.

I made up a youtube playlist of Movin’ On, I used to watch it every Tuesday night when I was growing up while the little kids were watching Happy Days.

All I need to do is figure out how to play it on my new 60” smart TV so I can see it in color.

Gaston! A bucket for Monsieur!

3/23/2020 5:15 pm  #14

Re: Whatcha watchin?

Your wife can help with this.


4/12/2020 2:17 am  #15

Re: Whatcha watchin?

Saving Schitt's Creek for when I have nothing left.


9/02/2020 1:49 pm  #16

Re: Whatcha watchin?

Anyone else watching the new documentary mini-series The Vow on HBO? It's about a "high control group" (a/k/a a cult, not unlike say the Church of Scientology), and several members leaving it (and how that all unfolds). I'm a sucker for such type documentaries. New episodes air Sunday evening on HBO.


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